We are Vafour

We are vafour

Providing Creative Online Solutions for just everyone (personal/professional/business) who wants to build an Online Presence and doing Online Marketing.

About Us

What We Do ?

We do a favor for you who wish for a beautiful and great functioned website to embrace online users.

First, we provide you an online presence by designing and developing a website. Our team deliver creative ideas to make your online presence stands out, while keeping up to date to the latest web technologies.

We aren't done yet, it's time to show off. We help you to do the right strategies for doing Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing which will get you more awareness.

  • Web Design

    We convert ideas into a beautiful, mobile friendly interface design with great user experience.

  • Web Development

    We develop front-end and back-end systems with the capabilities working on CMS and other platforms.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Gain more traffic using our strategies on Search Engine Marketing, including SEO, Advertising Campaign, and others.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Make your website even more popular by publishing on the social medias.

  • David Rozando

    David Rozando (@daviedR)

    Designer and Front-end Developer, experienced in web design for 3 years, focused at making UX/UI. Also blogs on WDIT about web design stuffs. Loves family, girlfriend, music, web, design, and ideas!

  • Ayub

    Ayub (@ayublin)

    Has been trapped in the Web Development for 8/5/2010, as a Web Programmer. Rarely blogged at DWD. Enjoys (NOT good at) playing ping-pong, badminton, and guitar.

  • Alexander

    Alexander (@arkyria)

    Web programmer, specialized in framework and building forms. Has 4 years of experience in web development projects. Also interested in learning algorithms, web scripting, music, and games.

  • Richard

    Richard (@richardlin_)

    Has been doing internet marketing and online business for quite some time. Now also learn to regard the use of internet (web and social media) technology in business development. A language enthusiast and travelling addict.



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