The department works to issue licenses efficiently to Tennessee educators in accordance with legislative codes and state board rules and regulations and policies.The office of educator licensure and preparation is responsible for the issuance of all Tennessee educator licenses, and approval of educator preparation programs. PDPs earned from evaluation scores will be automatically issued in TNCompass once your level of overall effectiveness (LOE) is finalized. Sometimes this does not happen until the fall after the completed school year, so educators whose license will expire on Aug. 31 should not count on their last year of evaluation scores for PDPs to renew or advance a license. Morgan County Schools, located in a rural area of East Tennessee, serves approximately 3,200 students. Located on the eastern edge of the Cumberland Plateau, Morgan County has … The DOE only accepts applications and renewals online through the TNCompass portal. What is the job outlook for counseling careers in Tennessee? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for counseling careers in Tennessee … The DOE Scholars Program provides opportunities designed to introduce DOE missions, functions, and operations to talented undergraduate Oct 26, 2021 · Program helps provide teachers opportunity to offer nutritional education. ed. DOE Announces Nearly Million for Biofuels Research to Reduce Airplane and Ship Emissions.